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Yes, please call the booking line and one of our team will work out the best appointment to suit you, and ensure it is booked and a letter is sent out to you confirming this 
Yes, just type the web address into your computers web browser, once at the login page type in the unique code that is on your appointment letter, along with your date of birth, and this will take you to a page where you can choose to book by venue or date preference. Enter your preferences and look for a green free appointment slot, and select book. Your appointment will then be booked, and a letter of confirmation will be sent out to your home address.
If it is only going to be a few weeks before you can attend your screening appointment then we can book your appointment as normal, however if it will be longer then we can postpone your appointment for anything up to 6 months, however nationally it is recommended that your receive an annual screening appointment, so this must be considered a last alternative.
This will be by letter to your home address, which normally takes no longer than a week.
Yes, three days before your appointment you will receive a text reminder (if you have asked for this), which will tell you the venue, date and time of your appointment.
Please call the booking team and they will be happy to help you with this.
We generally say allow 50 minutes for your screening appointment.
We do not recommend this for 2 hours as the dilating drops will affect your close vision and you will not be able to read your car instruments until the drops have worn off.
We ask you to bring your appointment letter so we can confirm your details, and if it is a sunny day then sunglasses are recommended for your comfort, as your vision will be brighter due to the dilating drops.
All of our screeners are trained to care for patients of different capabilities, and they will support, and work at your pace, so that you are comfortable.
Yes there are, please see the ‘Patient Access’ section of this webpage.
Yes, all of our screening venues have been specially selected to be accessible by all patients that can attend clinics.
Yes, please call the booking line number and ask to be put through to the programme manager or member of the screening team.
An appointment will be sent to you to either attend a Surveillance Clinic or the Hospital Eye department. This will be a fixed time and date, however you always change this by calling the booking team.
Yes, please call the booking line number and ask to be put through to the programme manager or member of the screening team.
Your GP will get a copy of your results, so they are aware of your health.