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The pain management programme

The Royal Derby Hospital pain management unit runs a series of pain management programmes throughout the year. These are all attended on an out-patient basis, with each group completing nine or ten sessions of half a day per week.

The pain management programme aims to improve the management skills of people who live with persistent pain in order to maintain a good quality of life. It addresses function, distress and the adjustment to living with pain.

Many people who live in pain are unaware of how their experience of pain causes them to change their thoughts, behaviours and relationships in ways that are not always constructive. This is addressed during the programme, and new and more helpful ways of thinking and relating are suggested.

An introduction to gentle forms of exercise within the group setting helps to promote confidence in returning to activity.

The group structure helps people to come to terms with the experience of intractable pain as being a relatively common one; many find that the opportunity to meet others in a similar situation as themselves is important in making the transition to better functioning.