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What if I think my blood sugar is too low?

Diabetes - blood sugar testing
Testing your blood sugar

Test your blood sugar by doing a finger prick test.

  • If your blood sugar is less than 4, you need to have glucose (sometimes known as dextrose) tablets

  • On the rare occasion you do a test but think that you might be going hypo, you still need to take glucose tablets

  • After having glucose tablets you may feel better

  • This will take up to 10 - 15 minutes

  • Recheck your blood sugar after 15 minutes

  • If your blood sugar is still less than 4, you need to repeat glucose tablets

  • If your next meal or snack is more than 30 minutes away then you will also need an extra snack

  • Always carry glucose tablets in case your blood sugar drops too low
  • You need to wait 15 minutes after taking your glucose tablets before you will feel better
  • If you have lots of hypos please ask one of the diabetes team for advice


If you do not like glucose tables, alternative products are available.

For more information talk to your dietitian.


 Loss of hypoglycaemia awareness

This is when your brain doesn’t get enough sugar and you are unaware of it. Normally, the shivery, sweaty feelings are warning signs that your body is low in sugar. Adrenaline is a hormone, which gives you the early warning sign.

If your sugar levels have been low often, you lose the early warning signs because your body is tricked into thinking the low levels are normal. This can be corrected with advice from the diabetes team.