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Your diabetes team

The paediatric diabetes team is based at the Derbyshire Children's Hospital.  We offer care, education and support for all children and young people with diabetes in South Derbyshire, as well as their carers.

The team runs clinics and provides individualised home and school visits, all of which facilitate learning needs.  We also organise activity weekends and other group events in order to promote learning and peer support.

In the team there are:


The doctors in the team are paediatricians who have specialised in diabetes. They will see you soon after you are diagnosed and then in clinic. They will guide your treatment and make sure that you are well supported with your diabetes. They may examine you in clinics and check for problems associated with diabetes.

Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurses

These are children’s nurses who specialise in diabetes. They will support you to learn about diabetes through regular contact. You can contact the nurses to arrange reviews by telephone or at the nurse-led clinic on a Friday afternoon. An on call nurse will provide urgent advice during usual working hours and will give you current contact phone numbers at diagnosis.


Dietitians are specially trained in food and nutrition and work with each young person and their family. Dietitians will be able to help you to:

  • Make good food choices

  • Plan any changes that you may need to make around eating habits and lifestyle

  • Think about your eating habits, lifestyle and routine within your family setting

  • Look after your diabetes when you are more active


Clinical Psychologists

Diabetes not only affects how our body works, it also changes how we think and feel. Living with diabetes can be stressful for children and their parents and it can affect how they get on with family, friends and school.  

Clinical Psychologists can support children and their parents when they may be struggling with an aspect of their lives and might want support to make changes. This might include emotional difficulties, such as feeling stressed or down. Clinical Psychologists can also help with other things such as:

  • Coping emotionally with the diagnosis of diabetes

  • Feeling motivated, positive and keeping on track with diabetes care, such as testing blood sugars and giving yourself insulin when you need to

  • Any fears related to treatment/care, such as fears of blood tests

  • Family relationship problems that might have been affected by difficulties with diabetes

  • Identifying any significant learning problems and different ways to communicate and support with diabetes care


At least once a year you will also be asked how you are managing with diabetes. This might be through filling out a questionnaire or seeing a Clinical Psychologist during a clinic appointment.

It is important to remember that although Clinical Psychologists have the title of ‘Dr’ they are not medical doctors or psychiatrists. They do not prescribe medication to help people. Instead they will use "talking treatments" to help children/parents explore difficulties and build their coping skills. Often this is done with individuals but can sometimes be offered in groups. You do not have to do this if you do not feel comfortable with it.

Support Team

The diabetes team has other members of staff to help care for and educate our children with diabetes and their families.

Our assistant diabetes practitioner supports the nurses with patient queries, the flow of clinics and gives training on equipment, injection technique and hypoglycaemia treatment.

We have a play specialist who works with children under the age of 11 years old and we have access to a youth worker who works with young people over the age of 11 years.