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Children’s outpatients


Level 1, Derbyshire Children’s Hospital, Royal Derby Hospital
(best entrance - entrance 18)


The children’s outpatient department sees more than 39,000 children per year.  Developments within IT mean that families now have more choice in regard to appointment time as well as access to services.  Experienced staff provide individualised care, and the service continuously develops in order to use its resources in the best possible way.


We provide a wide range of children's outpatient clinic services and expertise, supporting families and carers through face-to-face contact.

Clinics held at the Children's Hospital include paediatric medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, dermatology, ophthalmology, oral & maxillofacial and ENT.

Offers important links for children and young people with hearing impairment.  Specialist equipment is available using soundproofed rooms and the latest technology.

Orthoptic service 
Offers family/carer support for children and young people with visual impairment.  This service has its own rooms with suitable child-friendly equipment.

Paediatric physiotherapists
Provide a service for all children and young people referred for physiotherapy treatment.  Out of hours, there is a support on-call service.

Plays an important part in the treatment of medical and surgical conditions needing dietary advice.  Out of hours, a paediatric dietician is available for advice or referral.

Peripheral clinic 
A children's outpatient clinic is also held at Ripley, run by Dr R Bowker.