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Cardiology (heart)


Level 1, medical outpatients, Royal Derby Hospital
(best entrance - main entrance)


Heart failure is a condition where patients become breathless, tired and may have swollen legs due to problems with the pumping muscle of their heart.  The most common underlying reason is coronary artery disease and previous heart attacks, though there are many other causes including genetic conditions that run through families.

On arrival at the heart failure clinic you will be seen by a specialist heart failure doctor. They may then refer you for tests, which will be performed that day.

After the last test has been completed, you will return immediately to the doctor to discuss the results. Some of the tests you may experience on your visit are:

  • echocardiogram (an ultrasound scan of your heart).
  • an E.C.G (recording of the heart’s electrical activity)
  • spirometry (a breathing test to measure lung volumes).
  • a chest X-Ray

Depending on how many tests you need to have, your visit to the heart failure clinic may take between one to four hours.

Other Information

Please bring a list of all your current medications with you.