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May 6th 2016

Gavin Boyle
My blog this week comes live from  a training room at London Road Community Hospital! I'm making good on my promise to spend a bit more time here. I’ve just finished the Face to Face staff briefing which we deliver following every Public Board meeting. 

It was a terrific session - I’m really keen that the briefing is a two-way thing, and so I was delighted by all the questions, comments and discussion we had around some of the Board's priorities. It was great to hear the views of colleagues on those issues which included, cancer services, partnerships, quality, finance and more . . .

Listening to these views from colleagues  helps give me a different perspective  and the opportunity to feed those ideas into future discussions with the Board. I gave a similar briefing to Royal Derby Hospital based staff on Thursday – it was filmed so staff can see this through the miracle of the intranet in some way! The link's on Flo (our intranet)! I'm  keen that we build on this and give colleagues a real opportunity to influence the Board.

Speaking of which, first thing last Tuesday morning the week began with the Board meeting and covered the issues I have mentioned above. It was my first Public Board meeting as Chief Executive and I was delighted to be asked to present the Pride of Derby awards to:

Emma Roberts, student nurse – Best Frontline Member of Staff 

Damian Loughrey and Marcin Zubel, Facilities Team at LRCH – Best team

Sanjin Hadzic – Best Behind the Scenes Member of Staff

Dr Kathleen Holding – Best Inspirational Leader 

You can read all the details about them on our website here

I thought all the winners were really inspirational and in different ways the very embodiment of our CARE values, so whether that was going the extra mile with our patients or as a colleague either way they really deserved this recognition.

I’m a big fan of our Pride of Derby process so do use the opportunity to nominate your colleagues, or if you are a user of our services it is of course always great to get nominations from members of the public. It’s a great way to say thank you. 

I still managed to get out and about as usual so this afternoon I will be wandering around LRCH again with Boz (Boz Smith, our Specialist Rehab Service Manager) visiting some of  our specialist rehab services. One of the highlights of the week was time spent with Dr Kate Shankland who gave me a tour of some of our cancer services. Cancer is such an important responsibility  for the trust and it was great to meet some of the staff who ensure that our patients receive great care. It was good to be able to relate this experience to the discussions at the Board the previous day about our 5 year Cancer Strategy for the trust. 

Building and developing  really high quality and sustainable cancer services based on our strong foundations is absolutely one of my key priorities. Kate also happens to be one of our Lead Ambassadors  - a group of colleagues  helping to develop our Collective Leadership approach at the trust. They're each a kind of catalyst for creating a culture which encourages all of our people to be leaders and to put their heads above the parapet and take responsibility for helping us to find solutions to our challenges. So it was a real pleasure to meet with all of the Lead Ambassadors on Thursday morning to talk about what we each need to do to create a climate in which all of our people feel confident and supported to do this.  

This week has had a bit of a partnership theme for me and I have spent a lot of time with health and social care leaders in Derbyshire talking about the development of our Sustainability and Transformation Plan – that’s a bit of a mouthful – but it’s really about how we can provide more 'joined up' care for the communities we serve – mostly keeping people well and at home rather than needing hospital. 

We also met up with executive colleagues from Burton this week to continue our conversation about how we can develop our partnership, particularly looking forward to a clinical summit we're holding on 13 May for clinical leaders from both trusts to begin to think through some of the opportunities and possibilities to work together to help serve our communities better. 

Finally, a bit of good news this week! Onto the trust's doormat on Tuesday dropped our certificate confirming our JAG accreditation for Endoscopy. The team have done a huge amount of work to make sure we meet the stringent requirements for this kite mark. It’s a really important service and I was pleased to see it recognised in this way. It’s important for many reasons – not least of which because it's a key part of our cancer services. This means that we can start as a national bowel cancer screening centre in a couple of months’ time. Well done to them! 

So that brings another interesting week to a close. It’s good to hear the dialogue has reopened between the Government and BMA regarding the Junior Doctors - so fingers crossed. I met with a group of Junior Doctors on Thursday morning and felt sympathy for the dilemma they're placed in - so let’s hope there is some progress to bring us nearer to a solution soon. 

Have a great weekend  

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