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Winners: October - November 2016

Between October and November we received 329 nominations for our Pride of Derby scheme. Awards were presented at our public Board meeting in January 2017 by Gavin Boyle, our Chief Executive and John Rivers, our Chairman.

The overall winners were invited to the Pride of Derby awards presentation at the Public Board in January 2017, to be congratulated for 'going the extra mile'  for their patients and colleagues.


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Claire Duckett Pride of Derby
Best Frontline member of staff

Winner: Claire Duckett, Radiographer

Claire was nominated by two separate colleagues for taking an active role within the department in promoting dementia awareness in her department, with many colleagues becoming Dementia Friends as a consequence. She was described as ‘a positive role model’ who spends her own time looking after those who suffer with dementia and going out of her way to educate those around her about the challenges these patients face. 

Judges felt that it was evident to the panel that Claire went above and beyond her professional role as a front line radiographer to champion dementia care for her patients. She actively encourages her peers to adopt dementia friendly care in her area. 

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Best Team
Best Team

Winner: Neuro In-Reach Team, Ward 3 Kings Lodge, Ward 314

These three teams (Neuro In-Reach Team, Ward 3 Kings Lodge, Ward 314) were nominated by a colleague for working together to provide holistic care to a family. 

Judges praised this as a great example of three distinct teams coming together to support a  couple in an extremely difficult pregnancy, birth and aftercare. Judges praised it as an excellent example of pulling together and acting as a ‘team’ in the true sense of the word – with one overall objective and a shared goal, delivering a positive outcome in this complex situation. 

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Kerry McMahon

Best Inspirational Leader

Winner: Kerry McMahon, Interim Sister, Ward 5

Kerry was nominated by a colleague for the calm, kind and committed way she goes about her daily job. Two families on the ward had praised Kerry for providing support to their loved ones while they were staying on the ward.  

She was also praised by a colleague for supporting another ward area. She was described as an asset to London Road Community Hospital. 

Judges felt that Kerry was hardworking, smiling and visible – everything we require from our leaders. 

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Andrea Johnson

Best Behind the Scenes Member of Staff

Winner: Andrea Johnson, Orthodontic Technician

Andrea was nominated by a staff member for working hard to make sure patients receive their orthodontic appliances promptly, so they're able to leave on the day of their procedure. 

She was praised for sharing her knowledge with other colleagues and often spends her weekends promoting oral care at events and exhibitions. 

Andrea was part of establishing an Orthodontic Lab in Uganda in March 2016, with the charity Dentaid. The colleague nominating Andrea said ‘staff members like Andrea should be recognised for the service they provide and the difference they make to people’s lives.’

Judges chose Andrea because they felt that she consistently goes over and above what is expected of her, is dedicated and keen to help others. They felt she is clearly a committed professional, delivering great care to her patients but equally has enthusiasm to make a difference outside the Trust. They praised the work she has done with Dentaid in Uganda, which they felt showed she is a great ambassador for Derby.