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Winners: June - July 2016

Between June and July we received 527 nominations for our Pride of Derby scheme. Awards were presented at our public Board meeting in September by Gavin Boyle, our Chief Executive. 

In early September  the overall winners were invited to the Pride of Derby awards presentation, to be congratulated for 'going the extra mile'  for their patients and colleagues.


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Mel Newell
Best Frontline member of staff

Winner: Mel Newell, TB Nurse Specialist   

Mel was nominated by two unrelated patients for her understanding and patience, as well as for her gentleness and quiet confidence. One patient explained how Mel’s approach helped her to agree to try the medication she had been prescribed, although she was scared of the side effects and the other described how Mel had helped her grandson who had special needs. 

 Judges felt that Mel had made a real difference to patients’ lives and that in both these cases the patients might not have accepted the treatment without Mel’s encouragement and reassurance.       

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Ward 311 Winter Ward
Best Team

Winner: Ward 311, winter ward

These colleagues took on the challenge of leading the winter ward for six months. They were incredibly supportive and patient during this time and supported their surgical colleagues enormously. Individual staff members based on 311 have all commented on the relationships they have built and on the exceptional leadership they showed over this challenging period. 

Judges felt recognised that this winter pressures ward served frail, elderly patients, often with complex needs. They praised disparate groups of staff pulling together and forming into a high performing team. They felt that there was excellent ward leadership and really effective team working which was critical to the success of the winter plan and which could be shared as learning for the future. 

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Louise Martinez

Best Inspirational Leader

Winner: Louise Martinez, Occupational Therapy Team Lead

Louise is an inspirational manager and colleague. She always puts the needs of her team first. She is constantly looking for ways to engage and motivate her team, actively involving staff in setting a vision for the team and core behaviours for them to work towards, in order to ensure that all staff are supported and feel included. She is always approachable and helps staff to solve any issues, empowering them to lead on problem solving, supporting where needed. 

Judges praised Louise for being an approachable and dynamic leader, displaying the essence of good leadership.

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Bernard Shoebridge

Best Behind the Scenes Member of Staff

Winner: Bernard Shoebridge, Catering Manager

Bernard was praised for ‘totally transforming the Bistro’ at London Road Community Hospital. The choice of healthy food had helped contribute to a one and a half stone weight loss for one member of staff, due to the availability of healthy foods at lunchtime. Another nominator commented that Bernard had put a lot of effort into making changes, which have shown how much he cares about the job. 

A third nominator mentioned that Bernard had made a huge impact on both the back of house and retail catering service, as well as spending time with the catering team and developing their practical skills, saying ‘he is like a breath of fresh air and all the team are enjoying his knowledge, passion and leadership.’

Judges praised Bernard for encouraging healthy eating, including introducing many freshly made items, teaching others practical skills and making an impact with his passionate approach.