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Winners: February - March 2016

Between February and March 2016 we received 538 nominations for our Pride of Derby scheme. Awards were presented at our public Board meeting in May by Gavin Boyle, our Chief Executive. 

In early May the overall winners were invited to the Pride of Derby awards presentation, to be congratulated for 'going the extra mile'  for their patients and colleagues.


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Emma Roberts, Pride of Derby May 2016
Best Frontline member of staff

Winner: Emma Roberts, Student Nurse, 402     

Emma was nominated by a relative for looking after their mother. She praised the care from all the team, doctors, nurses, catering team etc, but particularly raised the care received from Emma, who had spared her own free time to sit with her mother, caring for her, listening to her and respecting her. Judges said that they were extremely impressed by Emma’s contribution as a student towards supporting a very vulnerable patient and felt she deserved special recognition for this.

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Damian Loughrey and Marcin Zubel, Pride of Derby May 2016
Best Team

Winner: Facilities LRCH – Damian Loughrey and Marcin Zubel  

These colleagues helped a very old man who came into the main entrance of London Road Community Hospital, complaining of pain in his legs, who was cold and couldn’t manage to get home. They made this gentleman a cup of tea and gave him some food while radioing the Security Officer for support/advice. 

After discovering that the man had no money or bus pass, they then gave him money for the bus fare and walked him to the bus stop, before he became distressed due to leg pain, when he was quickly taken to the Urgent Care Centre. The staff went above and beyond to help and judges praised them for stepping forward, showing true compassion for someone who was vulnerable and needed their help.

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Sanjin Hadzic, Digital Media Specialist, Pride of Derby May 2016

Best Behind the Scenes member of staff

Winner: Sanjin Hadzic, Digital Media Specialist

Sanjin was nominated by colleagues for his work in assisting Legal Services in developing and launching an intranet site called the ‘Legal Hub – Your One Stop Legal Shop’ for clinicians and available to all Trust staff, offering legal services and sharing learning. They said that “from the outset Sanjin had a ‘can do’ attitude and at every stage went the extra mile to attend team meetings and worked hard to deliver what was needed to an extremely high standard."

The Judges praised Sanjn's ‘can do’ attitude in developing the hub and at every stage he went the extra mile to ensure a successful delivery of the project.

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Dr Kathleen Holding, Pride of Derby May 2016

Best Inspirational Leader

Winner: Dr Kathleen Holding, Lead Clinical Trials Nurse

Dr Holding was nominated by colleagues for going the extra mile for both her staff and her patients. Colleagues nominating said: “She is always the most understanding, kind and conscientious manager, who cares. She works extremely hard and goes above and beyond her role as a Lead nurse, being a proactive nurse with the skills to keep her staff and patients motivated within the clinical trials setting."

Judges praised her for being the most proactive nurse who possesses the skills to keep her staff and patients motivated within the clinical trials setting, encouraging staff and public to be passionate about clinical research.