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Winners: December 2015 - January 2016

Between December 2015 and January 2016 we received 404 nominations for our Pride of Derby scheme. Awards were presented at our public Board meeting in March by Interim Chief Executive, Helen Scott-South.

In early March the overall winners were invited to the Pride of Derby awards presentation, to be congratulated for 'going the extra mile'  for their patients and colleagues.


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Helen McKenna Pride of Derby
Best Frontline member of staff

Winner: Helen McKenna, Therapist, Pulvertaft Hand Unit    

Helen was nominated by a patient for supporting them through an injury suffered when they had part of their finger traumatically amputated. The judges were very impressed by the comments made by the patient in the nomination in which the patient said: “She has supported me through everything . . . she is always positive and helps me deal with all the stress and anxiety I am feeling with my work, studies and rehabilitation regarding my finger. She helps me take my mind off the negatives and is truly so caring and treats me like her own family. She has been my physiotherapist, psychologist, friend and overall amazing person."

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Facilities Management Secretaries and PAs PoD
Best Behind the Scenes members of staff

Winner: Facilities Management Secretaries and PAs 

The team were nominated by a colleague for their work on assisting in organising the new Trust ID badges and lapel badges, organising over 10,000 badges and handing these out  over a six week period, as well as carrying on with their day job. The nominator described them as ‘a team you can count on and be proud of’. Judges chose these colleagues as the winners of the best behind the scenes category because they felt that this was a massive exercise across the whole organisation, supporting both the Quality Strategy and the ‘Hello My Name Is’ campaign.

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Ward 6, LRCH, PoD

Best Team 

Winner: Ward 6, LRCH 

The Ward 6 team was nominated by a relative of a patient who had stayed on the ward for nearly 8 weeks, prior to her death. The relative said:“They made our painful, personal journey more bearable for me by their compassion, kindness, humanity and attention to detail in all the things that mattered to us. Nothing was too much for any of the staff during that time. Every day they all went the extra mile in their care and professionalism, it was not just what they did but it was the way in which they showed their complete dedication to the care of my wife as a patient and compassion to me and my family as we spent time on the ward with her . . . Words cannot praise them enough, but I would like them to receive an award that recognises they were not only great ambassadors for the hospital but they surely are also at the pinnacle of true holistic patient care in the NHS.”   

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Emma Powell, PoD

Best Inspirational Leader

Winner: Emma Powell, Sister, ED

Emma was nominated by a colleague for supporting them through a difficult time in their personal life, as well as being supportive to the team as a whole. They said: “she has been very understanding, helpful and supportive, giving me practical advice that I have followed to good effect. Emma is never too busy to talk to any member of staff and offer them the same supporting provided to me. Emma’s exemplary support, approachable nature, calmness and genuine concern for her staff is a valuable asset to the emergency department and facilitates high quality patient care, staff well-being and departmental efficiency.”