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Winners: August - September 2016

Between August and September we received 506 nominations for our Pride of Derby scheme. Awards were presented at our public Board meeting in November by Gavin Boyle, our Chief Executive. 

In early November the overall winners were invited to the Pride of Derby awards presentation, to be congratulated for 'going the extra mile'  for their patients and colleagues.


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Dr David Meacheam
Best Frontline member of staff

Winner: Dr David Meacheam

A patient nominated Dr Meacheam for helping her with pain management. She said: “It was one of the worst experiences ever, in that I was in so much pain. Dr Meacheam listened to me, explained how he was worried about getting me pain free for a good night’s sleep and that he didn’t want me to experience another bad night. He got in touch with pain management and brought them to see me. He kept me posted all day on what he had been able to sort out so far and what else he had planned. He spoke to me in such a reassuring manner, which gave me confidence.” 

Judges felt that Dr Meacheam had gone beyond his role and showed true compassion and care, linking in with other departments and keeping the patient informed throughout.

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Ward 302
Ward 302
Best Team

Winner: Ward 302

The ward was nominated by a colleague for providing 'amazing support’ for an emergency wedding in early September. They had a young man on the ward who was due to get married. but who doctors felt might not be alive for the planned wedding. The ward cleared 2 quiet rooms and set up a party and a venue for the couple to marry. They went out of their way to buy decorations and a cake. One of the nurses even came up with the idea of putting sheets around the chairs to make it look like a proper wedding venue. They lined a sharps disposal bin and filled it with ice to cool the champagne. The catering team provided sandwiches and the nurses brought extra snacks to make it interesting. The parents of the bride were so very grateful for all the staff had done and the Macmillan Unit also made their garden available for wedding photos.  

Judges praised 302 as a 'true team, everyone is willing to help. They are extremely comforting to families in difficult circumstances. It’s End of Life Care at its best.'

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Jayne Douglas-Moore

Best Inspirational Leader

Winner: Dr Jayne, Douglas-Moore, Urology

Dr Douglas-Moore was nominated by a final year medical student who Jayne allowed to shadow her for a variety of clinical activities. The student said: “She took the time both during and after the session to teach me, discuss interesting features of several cases and answer any questions I had.”

The student said: “Throughout my time with her she was incredibly encouraging, so willing to teach me and let me get involved, never once making me feel like I was in the way. Beyond the realm of academia, I learnt and saw with my own eyes what it meant to be a good doctor – Jayne was down to earth, kind, patient and showed genuine care for her patients. She is an inspirational figure I look up to and respect greatly, the kind of mentor medical students like myself would be extremely privileged to have.”

Judges felt that Jayne demonstrated a desire to share knowledge and develop others, creating learning opportunities. They said: “This is a great example from which we could all could take inspiration!”

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Natalie Singleton

Best Behind the Scenes Member of Staff

Winner: Natalie Singleton, Facilities Assistant

A colleague nominated Natalie for helping a very confused lady at Reception. She took time to talk to her and trace information on her, as well as looking after her by making her a drink and offering food. When she found the next of kin’s number she rang the daughter and explained the situation. The daughter came and collected her mother and was extremely grateful. The colleague nominating Natalie said: “Natalie took the time to sit and talk to this lady who needed help. This made her feel safe and it was lovely to see her get home safely with her family, all thanks to Natalie.”

Judges chose Natalie because although she is not directly involved with patients she identified a lady who was likely to be in distress. They praised the time and effort she took to ensure her safety and the fact that she did not pass on the problem on to someone else. They said: “The elderly lady obviously had a rapport with Natalie, who demonstrated the CARE values with empathy and compassion.”