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Winners: April - May 2016

Between April and May 2016 we received 585 nominations for our Pride of Derby scheme. Awards were presented at our public Board meeting in July by Gavin Boyle, our Chief Executive. 

In early July the overall winners were invited to the Pride of Derby awards presentation, to be congratulated for 'going the extra mile'  for their patients and colleagues.


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Vicky Wesley Harkcom
Best Frontline member of staff

Winner: Vicky Wesley, Harkcom, Nurse, Stepdown Unit   

Vicky was nominated by a colleague for going to the aid of two patients from the Radbourne Unit, one of whom was very distressed and dangerously near the edge of the roof of one of our car parks, reassuring and holding on to them, until help arrived. 

Vicky spoke to him and then physically supported him by putting her arms around his waist for around 20 minutes until help came from paramedics and the security team. 

Judges felt that Vicky was in an exceptionally difficult situation and one in which she could have said ‘this is nothing to do with me’ but she put herself forward to potentially save someone’s life and was resilient in her actions – spending a long time at the scene. 

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Histopathology Team
Best Team

Winner: Histopathology Team

Four staff members performed life reviving processes on a work colleague who had collapsed within the department and who had suffered a cardiac arrest. One member of staff performed mouth to mouth and they all alternated in CPR and assisted in the defibrillation of their colleague, managing to revive her. Their quick thinking and immediate assistance helped with reviving their ‘patient’ until the resus team arrived to begin defibrillation. 

Judges felt that the impact of this team’s actions was extremely significant and that their efforts should be recognised, particularly because they would have been shocked themselves to be dealing with a suddenly ill colleague. They said: “All four took it in turns so it was a real team effort – and an exceptional example of true teamworking. They all pulled together.”

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Jayne Newbold

Best Behind the Scenes member of staff

Winner: Jayne Newbold, Receptionist, Gynaecology

Jayne was nominated by a colleague for her work with a new barcoding system for tracking clinical consumables and their use across the Trust. 

She was described as coming in early to train staff and check staff as well as creating a guide for staff to use. She patiently responded to all queries and never complained about added work or pressure, dedicating herself to the welfare of the department and staff. 

The judges felt that the nominator had said it all in saying: ‘She is one of those gems in the NHS who soaks up jobs and pressure to relieve the clinical staff to get on with their jobs.”

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Dr Harry Pick

Best Inspirational Leader

Winner: Dr Harry Pick, Registrar, Respiratory Medicine

Dr Harry Pick was nominated for going the extra mile when the team was one person down and a locum phoned in sick just before they were due to start. He rallied his team, making sure patients were safe and cared for. 

Judges felt that Dr Pick was an inspirational leader during a period of real challenge in staffing cover, with MAU being extremely busy. They said “he chose the harder path in exceptional circumstances.”