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Celebrating Success Winners 2013

Celebrating Success
Winners of Celebrating Success 2013 were announced at the Annual Members' Meeting and Celebrating Success Awards Ceremony on the 5 September at Derby Assembly Rooms. 
  • Overall we received 83 entries
  • Judges narrowed each category down to 3 shortlisted projects
  • Staff then voted for their winners 

Well done to the winners! They are:

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Celebrating Success 2013 - Volunteers

Putting Patients First

Meal Time Activity Support Volunteers

The Voluntary Services developed a bespoke role to proactively respond to the press regarding malnourished paitents. The specific role was created to engage with patients who had lost their appetite

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Celebrating Success 2013 - A Milion Points to make

Right First Time

A Million Points to Make

Life support is a complex and dynamic process which is different for each patient; this makes data collection of this practice challenging. Thus the ICU team have developed a way to generate precise audit data to improve the current practice for patients on life support. 

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Celebrating Success 2013 - Pathology

Investing our Resources Wisely

Cell Working in Pathology

Pathology identified an opportunity to review the way samples from GPs and out-patients were processed when they first reached the laboratory. They adopted a transparent approach with their staff to improve the sample handling process in order to save time.

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Celebrating Success 2013 - Malnutrition

Developing our People

Action Against Malnutrition

Due to the rise in malnutrition in hospitals the Nutritional Link Lead (NLL) teams have been created. The project brings a team of NLL from each of the local Community Hospitals together to act as ambassadors for good nutrition for elderly people.

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Celebrating Success 2013 - GP App

Ensuring Value from Partnership

Derby Hospitals' Mobile App for GPs

The Trust now has an innovative way of rapidly providing primary care colleagues with the information they need about our hospital at any time, anywhere. This successful collaboration between marketing, e-Learning and GPs has seen the creation of the first GP App in the country. 

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Celebrating Success 2013 - MAU

Chairman's Team of the Year

Medical Assessment Unit

MAU manages all urgent medical admissions on a 24 hour basis. 50% of medical patients now complete their care on MAU and can be discharged without being transferred elsewhere. Re-attendance rates have also been reduced. 

Employee of the Year

Mary Richards, Senior Sister, Ward 408 

Mary is an excellent role model; she is thoroughly committed to living our values and patient care is at the heart of everything she does.

Award Posters

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Celebrating Success 2013 Poster - Meal Activity
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Celebrating Success 2013 Poster - A Milion Points
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Celebrating Success 2013 Poster - Pathology
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Celebrating Success 2013 Poster - Malnutrition
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Celebrating Success 2013 Poster - GP App
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Celebrating Success 2013 Poster - MAU