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Research active Trusts have better patient outcomes

The results of a study published in February showed that patients cared for in research- active acute NHS Trusts have better outcomes.  Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is a research-active teaching hospital, and it is widely assumed that research-active institutions provide better care and have better patient outcomes than those NHS Trusts that conduct less clinical research, but until now evidence for this has been limited.

The study demonstrated a direct association between higher levels of research-activity and lower rates of patient mortality following emergency admissions, and this trend continued even after taking into consideration staffing levels and structural factors.

Professor Frances Game—Director of Research and Development at DHFT said “It has often been assumed that NHS institutions who are research active provide better care and have better patient outcomes than those who don’t , but now we have the evidence to back this up.  Here in Derby the new R&D strategy, which is about to be launched, builds on the Trust’s overall strategy to become a beacon for all that is best in the NHS by developing and promoting a culture of research & innovation throughout the Trust.  We therefore welcome this research which supports all that we believe in and are aiming for”. 

You can access the full publication on http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0118253