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Local network oncology regimens

Local network oncology regimens » Gynaecological cancer

Documents within this category

application/pdfBevacizumab + Paclitaxel + Cisplatin (273KB)Download
 Recurrent or metastatic cervical cancer (CDF funding required)
application/pdfCAP (174KB)Download
 CAP Regimen
application/pdfCarboplatin (159KB)Download
 Carboplatin Regimen
application/pdfCarboplatin Desensitisation (233KB)Download
 Carboplatin Desensitisation Protocol
application/pdfCarboplatin Rechallenge (159KB)Download
 Carboplatin Rechallenge Regimen
application/pdfCisplatin (159KB)Download
 For use where intolerant to Carboplatin
application/pdfCisplatin Weekly + Radiotherapy (164KB)Download
 Cisplatin Weekly + Radiotherapy Regimen
application/pdfCyclophosphamide + Tamoxifen (125KB)Download
 Cyclophosphamide + Tamoxifen Regimen
application/pdfDoxorubicin + Cisplatin (169KB)Download
 Advanced Endometrial Cancer Regimen
application/pdfGemcitabine + Carboplatin (165KB)Download
 Gemcitabine + Carboplatin Regimen (Ovarian Cancer)
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