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Local network haematology regimens

Local network haematology regimens » Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL)

Documents within this category

application/pdfFludarabine (Intravenous) (47KB)Download
 Fludarabine (Intravenous)
application/pdfFludarabine (Oral) (176KB)Download
 Fludarabine (Oral)
application/pdfFludarabine + Cyclophosphamide (Oral schedule) (174KB)Download
 Fludarabine + Cyclophosphamide (Oral schedule)
application/pdfFludarabine + Cyclophosphamide + Rituximab (R-FC) (202KB)Download
 Rituximab + Fludarabine + Cyclophosphamide
application/pdfIbrutinib (302KB)Download
application/pdfIdelalisib + Rituximab (210KB)Download
 Requires prior funding approval (i.e. CDF)
application/pdfLow dose continuous chlorambucil (91KB)Download
 Low dose continuous chlorambucil
application/x-msexcelObinutuzumab Infusion Rate Calculator (53KB)Download
 Rate depends upon indication and prior experience - choose relevant page of rate calculator
application/pdfOfatumumab (51KB)Download
application/pdfPulsed Chlorambucil (89KB)Download
 Pulsed dose chlorambucil
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