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Test and sample information

This is a searchable database of information about tests offered by Pathology at the Royal Derby Hospital. 

If there are any comments on specific test content please contact john.monaghan@nhs.net .

For further patient information on pathology tests please visit: www.labtestsonline.org.uk

TestSampleSample containerVolume requiredDiscipline
BicarbonateBloodVacutainer / Gold / SST5 mLBiochemistry
Bile acidsBloodVacutainer / Gold / SST5mlBiochemistry
Bile M,C &SBileSterile universal container (30ml white...5ml to 20mlMicrobiology
Bilirubin (Direct)BloodVacutainer / Gold / SST5 mLBiochemistry
Bilirubin (Total)BloodVacutainer / Gold / SST5 mLBiochemistry
BiotinidaseBloodVacutainer / Green / Lithium heparin6 mLBiochemistry
Bleeding Time/Closure TimeBloodVacutainer / Light Blue / Sodium...2 Citrate SamplesHaematology
Blood CultureBloodBacT/ALERT Blood Culture Set (Two...10ml recommended for an adults set -...Microbiology
BLOOD GASES (pH, pC02, p02, actual...Blood 2 mLBiochemistry
Blood group/antibody screenBloodVacutainer / Pink / EDTA / for X-match4 mlsHaematology
Bone Alk Phos (see bone markers)BloodVacutainer / Red / Serum5mLBiochemistry
Bone markers-Bone ALP,...See individual tests.See individual tests5mlBiochemistry
Bone Marrow (TB)Bone MarrowSodium Citrate Vacutainer (light blue...2.7ml (Tube must be full)Microbiology
Bone Marrow biopsy  Not applicableHaematology
Bordetella pertussisBloodVacutainer / Red / Serum8 mlMicrobiology
Bordetella pertussisPer-nasal wire swab onlyPer-nasal wire swabNot applicableMicrobiology
Brain Naturetic peptide (BNP)BloodVacutainer / Gold / SST5mlBiochemistry
Brochial Washing CytologyFluidUniversal container / 30mL white top10-25mlCytology
Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) CultureBronchoalveolar lavage (BAL)Sterile sputum pot 60ml or sterile...Minimum 15 ml 
Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) Fungal...Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL)Sterile sputum pot 60ml or sterile...Minimum 15 ml 
Last modified: 16/08/2018