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Test and sample information

This is a searchable database of information about tests offered by Pathology at the Royal Derby Hospital. 

If there are any comments on specific test content please contact john.monaghan@nhs.net .

For further patient information on pathology tests please visit: www.labtestsonline.org.uk

Gonorrhoea Direct Culture (GUM patients ONLY)
Urethral, cervical, rectal and throat swabs
Sample container
Amies Charcoal Bacteriological Transport Medium swab or thin wire swabs for urethral sites.
Volume required
Special requirements for specimen collection
Please swab and plate any discharge onto a GC selective agar plate. 
Ensure that all plates are sent up in a Genbox with a CO2 gas generating sachet inside.   
Incubate any plates at GUM that cannot be transported immediately whilst waiting for a courier to collect.   
All Genboxes sent up must also be accompanied by a control plate.   
Please also use the spacer Petri dishes to prevent plates moving around during transit.
35-37 C (CO2)
Clinical notes
In the laboratory we perform Gonorrhoea culture identification and sensitivity from the received plates.
Turn around time
5 Days
Last modified: 02/08/2017