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Test and sample information

This is a searchable database of information about tests offered by Pathology at the Royal Derby Hospital. 

If there are any comments on specific test content please contact john.monaghan@nhs.net .

For further patient information on pathology tests please visit: www.labtestsonline.org.uk

TestSampleSample containerVolume requiredDiscipline
Insulin antibodies (IgG)BloodVacutainer / Gold / SST6 mls 
InsulinBloodVacutainer / Gold / SST OR Vacutainer /...6mLBiochemistry
INRBloodVacutainer / Light Blue / Sodium...2.7 mlsHaematology
Initial Profile (sodium,...BloodVacutainer / Gold / SST5 mLBiochemistry
ImmunophenotypingBloodVacutainer / Lavender / EDTA3 tubes x 4 mLHaematology
Immunology Pernicious anaemia screen...BloodVacutainer/ Gold/ SST6 ml 
Immunoglobulins IgA, IgG, IgMBloodVacutainer / Gold / SST5 mLBiochemistry
IgG subclassesBloodVacutainer / Gold / SST6 mlsImmunology
IgG Gliadin antibodies Vacutainer / Red / Serum5mlBiochemistry
IGFBP3 (IGF binding protein 3)BloodVacutainer / Gold / SST5mLBiochemistry
IGF1 (Insulin-like growth factor 1)BloodVacutainer / Gold / SST6 mLBiochemistry
IgEBloodVacutainer / Gold / SST5mLBiochemistry
IgDBloodVacutainer / Gold / SST5mLBiochemistry
Hydatid diseaseBloodVacutainer/ Red/ serum8 mlMicrobiology
HORMONE PROFILE(Female)(LH, FSH,...BloodVacutainer / Gold / SST5 mLBiochemistry
HORMONE PROFILE (Male)(LH, FSH,...BloodVacutainer / Gold / SST5 mLBiochemistry
Homocystine, plasma (Adult)BloodVacutainer / Lavender / EDTA or...2 mlBiochemistry
Homocysteine (paediatric)BloodVacutainer / Green / Lithium Heparin1mLBiochemistry
HLA B27BloodVacutainer / Pink / EDTA / for X-match7-10 mLHaematology
HIV viral loadEDTAVacutainer / Purple/ Plasma2 x 5mlMicrobiology
Last modified: 16/08/2018