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Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS)

Accrediting Body

Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG)

Which staff groups is this course for?

Candidates should be from a medical, nursing, ECP, ODP or RTO background.  The Working Group recommend that nurses are senior staff nurses and above.  Experienced Band 5 staff nurses may take the course.

Course Summary

APLS  is a leading emergency paediatric life support course designed to provide the candidate with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective treatment and stabilisation of children with life threatening emergencies; to teach the practical procedures necessary to enable effective management of childhood emergencies.

The course comprises a flexible one-day, on-line component (VLE) and a two-day, face-to-face taught programme.  Candidates should apply for the two components as a complete package from the course centre.

Re-certification course

Only those candidates who hold a valid APLS Provider certificate are eligible to attend the one day re-certification course. Certificates are valid for 4 years. It is not recommended that candidates attend a recertification course if more than 6 months has elapsed since the expiry date of their Provider certificate. 

However, if a potential candidate has been practicing APLS regularly and currently works in on-call general paediatrics, paediatric intensive care, pediatric anaesthesia and general or paediatriac emergency department, then they may be eligible to take the 1-day recertification course.


Assessments are based on clinical scenarios that allow the candidate to demonstrate the core competencies that have been taught on the course.  These include airway management, vascular access, illness/serious injury management and cardiac arrest management.  Candidates will also undertake a multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ).

Successful candidates will receive an Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG) APLS provider certificate, which is valid for 4 years.


Candidates are subject to a course fee of £450 for the two day course and £300 for the one day recertification which includes course materials, access to the virtual learning environment (VLE) and daytime catering.


All courses for 2018 are full


APLS Recertification

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