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Night-time discharges - further work we've done

25 May 2012

Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust statement

Brigid Stacey, chief nurse and director of patient experience at Derby Hospitals, said:

"Following publication of the article in the Times, we immediately reviewed the information that had been supplied via the FOI process. This review demonstrated that the total discharges figure inappropriately included patients who had died, assessment unit discharge (where patients aren’t admitted to a hospital bed) including the labour assessment unit, the labour ward six-hour delivery pathway (patient choice), transfers from one part of the hospital to another, transfers to other hospitals for emergency clinical reasons and patient choice self-discharge. Another issue was late data entry into our computer system some hours after discharge.

"The information was therefore inaccurate and did not represent the true situation regarding patient discharge between 11pm and 6am. This close analysis show that over 2011/12, the true figure for discharges over the year was 2.5%. From work carried out, we are confident that the vast majority of these discharges will have been appropriate in the circumstances. We are, however, undertaking further in-depth analysis to be certain that we have done all we can to ensure we’re providing appropriate levels of care for our patients."