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Sunny Devon holidays made easy for Derby Hospitals’ dialysis patients

        2 July 2012

A specially equipped caravan that means Derby Hospitals renal dialysis patients can holiday without hospital visits is now open in Ilfracombe, Devon.

More than £45,000 was raised by fundraisers to buy this specially adapted caravan – exclusively for the use of Derby Hospitals patients – based at the Hele Valley Holiday Park, near Ilfracombe.

The caravan holds two dialysis machines and four members of clinical staff and a technician from Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are required to run the service, so patients can have their three-per-week four-hour-long sessions of dialysis they need.  

Patients can choose to stay at the caravan park or nearby and visit the caravan when they need dialysis.

The first person to use the caravan was Sue Wilkinson from Codnor, Derbyshire, who said: “It’s great to be able to go on holiday and not worry about travelling miles to the nearest hospital for my dialysis. It’s an excellent idea and it’s particularly nice to have my dialysis with staff I already know and equipment I’m familiar with.”

Senior sister Carol Rhodes, said: “It’s very hard for people to go on holiday when they need hospital renal dialysis as often the nearest available hospital can be a two hour drive away.

“We asked our patients where they wanted to go on holiday and the South West came up as a strong preference, particularly North Devon.”

The caravan is also open to home dialysis patients who are trained to self-dialyse. They can use the facilities independently.

 For further information, please contact:


Liz Smith

Communications Officer
Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
01332 785778