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Spotlight on dementia care at Derby Hospitals

        21 August 2012

To showcase the excellent work on dementia care that is currently ongoing at Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, patients and their carers are invited to come along to a free event where they will hear about the enhancements being made to our dementia services.

The event has been jointly organised by Derby Hospitals and the confusion liaison team from the Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and will take place on Thursday 23 August from 9.30am until 3.30pm in the Lecture Theatre at the Royal Derby Hospital.

The day will start with a presentation from the confusion team about some of the improvements being made at the Trust for dementia patients, such as making changes to diet and nutrition and the creation of a reminiscence room and memory café to stimulate conversation. Representatives from the Alzheimer’s Society will also be available to answer questions and offer help and advice. There will also be a demonstration of a custom-made pop-up reminiscence room.

The pop-up room, called a RemPod, has been designed to evoke memories from a particular period which aims to spark memories of a particular time in people who are living with dementia and to help with reminiscence which can be very therapeutic. The Pod accurately recreates a 1950s living room complete with authentic furniture and has a vintage TV and radio which plays a library of TV shows and music from the era. The pod helps to improve the mental wellbeing of elderly patients and patients with dementia who may find that unfamiliar surroundings cause anxiety - by providing a calming and familiar environment.

Carole Barker, lead nurse from the confusion team, said: ”This event aims to highlight all the excellent work that is currently ongoing at the Trust around dementia care which will make the patients stay in hospital, happier and more relaxed. This event will not only showcase the team’s work but will also be an opportunity for patients and their carers to give us their views and share good ideas.”

Anyone wishing to attend this event will need to book on 01332 786940/786005.


For further information, please contact:

Liz Smith

Communications Officer

Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
01332 785778