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Occupational Therapist Diane hoping to inspire others to Cycle to work

       18 June 2012

An occupational therapist at Derby’s hospitals who has been cycling regularly to work everyday for 22 years is hoping to inspire others to get on their bike.

Diane Langford, based at the London Road Community Hospital, cycles from her home in Oakwood, Derby, to the hospital, a journey of three and a half miles. But she also regularly works at the Royal Derby Hospital which doubles the distance for her to cycle, adding up to 70 miles of pedalling per week.

Diane is one of the many staff who will be taking part in Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s ‘Cycle to Work’ week which runs from 18-22 June 2012.

As part of the Trust’s Travel Plan, Derby Hospitals is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and like in May’s Walk 2 Work Week, staff are being encouraged to give up their car and find alternative methods to get to work, such as walking, cycling and using public transport.

Diane said: “I have a rotational post which means I could be working at either hospital site. I did wonder if cycling to the Royal Derby Hospital would be manageable but decided to give it a go. Each journey actually only takes an additional 15 minutes than if I was to travel in the car. So after trialling it for a few months, I eventually decided to relinquish my car parking permit and commit to cycling full time. Parking is not an issue as I have access to the secure cycle shed which is a very short walk into the hospital.

“Fitness is an obvious advantage as I am able to keep fit following an average daily routine with no additional costs or time commitment to attend a gym. The freedom that cycling provides is definitely something I appreciate and would recommend, as it means no waiting around for buses or sitting in traffic queues and if you want to pop into town on the way home – a secure lock is all you need.

“The environmental benefit also cannot be ignored, I like to think I am ‘doing my bit’ to reduce carbon emissions as leaving my car on the drive at home is surely better for us all. When you have had a stressful day, nothing beats getting out in the fresh air on your bike. I hope by sharing my story it will encourage others to give it a go.”

Paul Brooks, assistant director of facilities management at Derby Hospitals, said: “We want more of our staff to leave their car at home and cycle to work. We have over 350 staff who regularly cycle to work each day and last year over 80 people registered for cycle to work week. This year we want to encourage even more staff to take up cycling as an alternative way of getting to work.

“This is our second travel awareness week of 2012 and we hope staff will give up their car and consider cycling to work, just like Diane and the other 350 members of staff who regularly cycle to work here at the Trust.”

Cycle Derby, operated by Derby City Council provide advice and guidance on cycling in Derbyshire, and will be at the Royal Derby Hospital, giving out advice on cycle routes and answering any other cycle related questions staff may have. Dr Bike, mobile mechanic, will be available to give staff cycles a free “MOT”.

Derby Hospitals’ Cycle to Work Week is the second in a series of weeks to enhance travel awareness. Each month will be assigned to a different method of transport; Public Transport to Work Week in July, Motorbike to Work Week in August and Green Travel to Work Week in September.

For further information, please contact:

Liz Smith

Communications Officer
Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
01332 785778