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The new hospital gown that ensures privacy & dignity for patients at Derby Hospitals

17 August 2011

Derby Hospitals has introduced new dignity hospital gowns to ensure their patients’ privacy and dignity is better maintained.

Patients at the Royal Derby Hospital and London Road Community Hospital are now being given the new gown.

We know that privacy and dignity are extremely important issues for patients and that’s why Derby Hospitals has introduced this new more dignified patient gown. For some patients being in hospital can make them feel vulnerable, so providing this new gown along with ensuring that everyone who needs a hospital stay has single-sex accommodation and toilet and washing facilities will go a long way to improving their overall experience as a patient.

Derby Hospitals was the first hospital in the country to use this new patient gown supplied by Synergy Healthcare (UK) Ltd, the company which provides and launders hospital gowns for many hospitals across the country.

The new gown is made of poly cotton and is wider and longer than its predecessor and can fasten at the front or back unlike the traditional gown which fastens at the back. It comes with two tiered sleeves which allows clinical staff access to a patient’s arm or neck to place intravenous drips without the need to remove the garment.

The gown comes in a variety of sizes and is also available for larger patients, providing adequate coverage without compromising their level of privacy and dignity.

Kerry Pape, assistant director of nursing said: “Alongside all of the changes in hospital care, one thing that has never changed is the hospital gown. The change to the patient gown began a few years ago in response to a Department of Health initiative to refocus on aspects of basic care, and in particular, the privacy and dignity of patients.

“At Derby Hospitals we pride ourselves on providing the best possible patient experience and these new hospital gowns will help to ensure that patients’ dignity is maintained at all times.”

The gown is already providing popular with patients. Janice Baker from Derby recently had surgery at the Royal Derby Hospital for a knee replacement and said: “The new gown is comfortable and you don’t feel that parts of you are on display. It’s good to have a bit of dignity even in a hospital gown!”


 For further information please contact

Liz Smith

Communications Officer

Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

01332 785778