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Derby Hospitals staff encouraged to use public transport

Royal Derby bus
13 July 2011

Next week, 18-22 July, Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is encouraging staff to give up their cars and travel to work at its hospitals by public transport.

As part of the Trust’s Travel Plan, the aim is to increase the number of staff who travel to work at the Royal Derby Hospital and London Road Community Hospital by public transport and reduce the number of staff who travel alone in a car.

Derby Hospitals is also committed to reducing its carbon footprint and the impact it has on the local community. Buses and trains have less impact on the environment per person than travelling alone in a car. By encouraging staff to use these methods of transport the Trust is acting as a good neighbour to its local community.

During the week staff who register will be asked to fill in a questionnaire about their travel route and plot the route on a map in order to receive a free hot or cold drink. Representatives from Arriva Midlands and Trent Barton will be on hand to offer advice all week, safety information will be available from local police and there is a prize draw for staff who register for the week.

Nichola Musgrove, web officer at Derby Hospitals, travels from Nottingham everyday to the Royal Derby Hospital. She gets a lift to Nottingham Train Station, catches the train to Derby and then takes the Trent Barton Royal Derby bus to the Royal Derby Hospital.

She said: “I used to lift share with another member of staff, but I found that I arrived at work feeling quite stressed after sitting in the traffic on the A52.

“Even though it is more expensive to travel to work using public transport, I find the train much more relaxing as I can read and switch off before or after a day at work. I also enjoy having a short walk from Derby train station to catch the Royal Derby bus.”

This is the second year the Trust has held a Public Transport 2 Work Week and improvements since last year include the introduction of an Arriva Midlands bus link to and from the Royal Derby Hospital. The existing Arriva Midlands services 33 and 36 were revised and there are now two journeys each hour on these services, and two journeys have been renumbered: 33A (Derby-Royal Derby Hospital-Oaklands Avenue-Sunny Hill-Derby) and 36A (Derby-Sunny Hill-Oaklands Avenue-Royal Derby Hospital-Derby).


For more information please contact:

Tanya Holden

Communications Officer

Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

01332 785770