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Derby Hospitals lead the way in diabetes care

        14 November 2012

A new campaign’s been launched to raise awareness about the need for specialist care for adults suffering from Type 1 diabetes.

It is estimated that 250,000 people in the UK have Type 1 diabetes and experts warn that this group are at risk of becoming a ‘lost tribe’ in the wider diabetes epidemic which is affecting the UK.

Dr Rustam Rea, Associate Clinical Director and Consultant in Diabetes at the Royal Derby Hospital, is one of six clinicians in the country involved in the launch of the ABCD campaign which aims to improve access for people with Type 1 diabetes to specialist teams.

"The launch of this campaign is important to patients with Type 1 Diabetes in Derbyshire as it highlights the different needs of these particular patients and their need of specialist care.  We are seeking to significantly improve the outcomes of patients with Type 1 Diabetes by enabling them to look after themselves and have easy access to specialist care” says Dr Rea.

Dr Rea’s team at the Royal Derby Hospital provide a nationally accredited education programme for patients with Type 1 Diabetes, helping them to successfully manage their diabetes.  The Derby team also provide an innovative insulin pump service with nearly 200 patients using the pumps which deliver insulin continuously under the skin

“We provide a multi-disciplinary team of consultants, Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Diabetes specialist Dieticians and a Psychology service for patients with Type 1 Diabetes here at the Royal Derby Hospital” adds Dr Rea.

Type 1 diabetes costs the NHS £1.9 billion per year, half of which is spent on the treatment of complications. The ABCD campaign aims to increase access to specialist teams like those at the Royal Derby Hospital to prevent poor outcomes.


For further information, please contact:

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Media & Communications Manager

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