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Derby children learn how to become ‘Junior Environmental Champions’

      14 June 2012

Two classes of year 6 children (10 and 11 year olds) and their teachers from Wren Park School, Mickleover, Derby, will visit the Royal Derby Hospital on Friday 15 June to learn about carbon reduction at the Trust and how they can become ‘Junior Environmental Champions’.

The children will learn about the eco-friendly design of the Royal Derby Hospital as well as being set a number of Carbon Footprint themed challenges to complete at school. They will also visit the energy centre, plant room and go on to the helipad, the only roof-top helipad at a hospital in the East Midlands.

The children will then return to the Royal Derby Hospital on Friday 6 July to present their findings and demonstrate how they have used their Junior Environmental Champion training to solve the challenges set. Certificates will be handed out to each child and prizes will be awarded to the groups who demonstrated the greatest impact in reducing their Carbon Footprint.

Paul Brooks, assistant director of facilities management at the Trust, said: “This is the second year we have worked with Wren Park School on the ‘Junior Environmental Champion’ project and I always find it incredible to see such creativity and climate awareness among the children. The knowledge they acquire through their project with Derby Hospitals will benefit the school for the coming years.

“Last year the winning team slogan for reducing litter in the school playground was ‘Bin it, Win it!’and the winning team slogan for reducing electricity consumption at home was ‘Spark on, Spark off. Plug on, Plug off’. I can’t wait to see how creative they can be this year.”

Graham Boyd, deputy head teacher at Wren Park School, said: “We always try to give enjoyable learning experiences for the children at the school. We aim to provide real life learning opportunities wherever possible and so the chance to work alongside the Trust in undertaking this ‘Environmental Champions’ project gives us the perfect chance to do so. After the success of last year's project we were extremely keen to work with the Trust again as the project allows the children to leave behind a legacy at school that will be there for many years to come.”

Derby Hospitals has the biggest NHS environmental champion scheme in the country, with over 100 members of staff who have volunteered to become environmental champions. These enthusiastic people help the Trust raise awareness about reducing waste, energy costs and saving water through the slogan ‘Turn Off or Turn Down’. Small changes such as turning off computers and lights can make a significant difference to the Trust’s energy use.

 Initiatives like this have helped Derby Hospitals be nominated in the Health Service Journal Energy Efficiency Awards 2012 as well as helping towards saving more than £2.2 million on energy costs over the past five years.


 For further information, please contact:

Liz Smith

Communications Officer
Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
01332 785778