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Clocking up over 17,000 miles on her scooter, Sue is hoping to inspire others to try motorcycling to work

        27 July 2012

A member of hospital staff who comes to work on her scooter is just one of the many staff who will be taking part in Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s ‘Motorcycle 2 Work Week’ which runs from 30 July-3 August 2012.

Sue Kennedy is a senior clinical educator and physiotherapist in rheumatology, and has used her scooter (a 50cc red Piagio Zip) to get to work for about six years, which involves travelling about six miles a day.

 As part of the Trust’s Travel Plan, Derby Hospitals is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and the number of staff who travel to work alone in their car. During the week the focus will be on those staff who already travel to work by motorcycle and scooter, as well as encouraging more staff, when it’s appropriate, to take up two wheels.

Sue said: “I have clocked up 17,780 miles so far and the little scooter is still going strong. I started using a scooter because I got fed up with getting stuck in traffic when I drove my car, it would take me 40 minutes to travel three miles some days.

“The benefits of riding a scooter are mainly convenience and cost. As a scooter rider I can park on site, just outside where I work. I also never get stuck in traffic as I can just slide past the queues, so I always know how long it will take me to get to and from work each day. Another great thing is that, unlike cycling, I stay dry in my helmet and waterproof gear even when it's tipping it down!

“Running a scooter is also much cheaper than running a car - a tank of petrol lasts me about three weeks and only costs £8 and MOTs and insurance are very reasonable. The other great thing is that it's really good fun and it was easy to learn how to ride. No gears, just twist the throttle with the right hand and break with the left, and if I can learn to ride one in my forties, then anyone can!”

This is the third Motorcycle 2 Work Week and is part of the Trust’s annual five-month campaign to encourage staff to look at alternative ways of travelling to work. Last month it was Public Transport 2 Work Week, June was Cycle 2 Work Week, May was Walk 2 Work Week and next month is Green Travel 2 Work Week.

Highlights of the week include; a free biker’s breakfast for staff who register for the week, the chance to win a helmet and pair of motorcycle/scooter gloves, and an information stand with scooter display from Smalley Cross Scooter Centre outside the main entrance of the Royal Derby Hospital.


For further information, please contact:

Liz Smith

Communications Officer
Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
01332 785778