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Alzheimer’s Society praise Derby Hospitals’ staff achievements at the annual Celebrating Success Awards

        6 September 2012

The Alzheimer’s Society is just one of the many local organisations who have praised Derby Hospitals’ staff achievements for improving care and putting patients first at the annual Celebrating Success awards held at the Derby Assembly Rooms on Thursday 6 September.

A reminiscence room and memory café, highlighted by the Alzheimer’s Society as an excellent example of a project which had improved the care and experience of patients with short term memory loss or dementia, was just one of the winning projects at the Trust’s annual Celebrating Success Awards.

The awards ceremony was held alongside the Trust’s Annual Members Meeting.

The awards were split into five categories:

Putting Patients First

Right First Time

Investing or Resources Wisely

Developing our People

Ensuring Value from Partnerships

There was also an additional category for ‘Team of the Year’ which was awarded by Trust chair, John Rivers.

Winners of each category received a certificate, and a personal thank you from the chief executive, Sue James.

Sue James, chief executive at Derby Hospitals, said: “I am proud to say that in Derby we have a dedicated group of staff who do truly take pride in caring. I am delighted to be involved in these awards as they go a long way to recognise this and officially acknowledge and thank our dedicated staff.”


Chairman’s Team of the Year

The facilities management team put the needs of patients and staff at the centre of everything they do and are responsible for many of the services at the Royal Derby Hospital and London Road Community Hospital, including security, transport, portering and retail has won the Chairman’s Team of the Year. The team have, without any extra funding, successfully reduced energy bills by £2,000,000, introduced recycling schemes to both the RDH and LRCH, reduced car parking complaints by 91%, and won two awards for their invention, the Derby Door, an inflatable barrier which fits flush against walls and ceilings, putting a seal around the entrance to a ward or bay in minutes to minimise the risk of infection spreading and help with cleaning.   

Both, the chairman John Rivers and chief executive, Sue James said they were impressed with the enthusiasm of the team, the pride and commitment they showed to patients, their colleagues as well as the great service the whole team provided to all departments across the Trust.

Putting Patients First

Reminiscence room and memory café

A reminiscence room has replaced the old day room on ward 205 and is designed to provoke fond memories of time gone by for patients who are suffering from memory loss. The room contains memorabilia from past decades, along with photos and books. The room also hosts a monthly memory café.

Jacqui Marsh from the Alzheimer’s Society said: “Reminiscence activities are extremely important for patients with short term memory loss or dementia, and the ongoing work at Derby Hospitals shows how committed they are to putting the patient’s experience at the forefront of everything they do.”

Right first time

GP telephone triage

A telephone triage system has been introduced on the medical admissions unit to help reduce the number of admissions from GPs. The GP is now able to seek advice from a consultant and together they can decide the best place for a patient to be seen.

Derby GP, Dr Rachel Beeching said: “This system is extremely helpful, particularly when you have a busy appointments surgery. I know that I can easily pick up the phone and contact someone for advice which is practical and realistic for general practice. If I am concerned about the patient I know they will see them on the admissions unit, if appropriate.”

Investing our resources wisely

Pre-operative assessment: Positive outcomes for day surgery

The pre-operative assessment clinic was created to ensure that the maximum number of appropriate patients will be referred for day surgery, which will eliminate unnecessary overnight stays in the hospital. The clinic also helps to identify if patients have any undiagnosed conditions which may impact on their surgery, which can then be treated before their procedure.

Developing our People and Overall Members winner


A library of interactive e-learning modules has been developed by the e-learning team which staff access via the intranet. This has made staff training more efficient and flexible, and the time spent away from direct patient care has been reduced.

Ensuring value from partnerships

Sector based work academy: Ensures a ‘fit for purpose’ support workforce

Working with local employment and training partners the learning and education team have developed a training programme which helps in the recruitment process for support service roles.


For further information, please contact:

 Liz Smith

Communications Officer

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