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Becky hopes her five-mile daily commute inspires others to Walk to Work

14 May 2012

A member of hospital staff who walks five miles to work, five days a week is just one of the many staff who will be taking part in Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s third ‘Walk 2 Work Week’ which runs from 14-18 May 2012.

Becky Calladine, a team leader at the Trust, walks from her home in Chaddesden, Derby to the Royal Derby Hospital, a walk that takes her one hour fifteen minutes.

Walk 2 Work Week encourages staff to use alternative methods to get to work, such as walking and also coincides with the national Work 2 Work Week run by the charity Living Streets.

Becky said: “I have been walking to work for over a year now, and not only has it helped me to lose weight but also improve my fitness and tone up. I enjoy the walk and don’t mind what the weather is like as it gives me time to think and plan for the day ahead. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise you can do, and as well as benefiting my health, I have also saved money on petrol and don’t have to sit in traffic during the rush hour. I would recommend everyone to give it a go, even if it’s just for a week.”

Paul Brooks, head of facilities management at Derby Hospitals, said: “We want more of our staff to leave their car at home and walk to work. Last year, more than 100 members of staff walked to work during Walk 2 Work Week, this year we want to encourage even more staff to use alternative methods, such as walking.

“Walk2Work Week is our first travel awareness week of 2012 and we hope staff will give up their car and consider walking to work, just like Becky.”

There will be various information stands as part of Walk 2 Work Week such as; a personal safety stand manned by local police and a health promotion stand to tell staff about the benefits of walking to work. There will also be a local map for people to pin where they have walked from to work.

Derby Hospitals’ Walk 2 Work Week is the first in a series of weeks to enhance travel awareness. Each week will be assigned to a different method of transport; Cycle 2 Work Week in June, Public Transport 2 Work Week in July, Motorbike 2 Work Week in August and Green Travel 2 Work Week in September.


For further information, please contact:

Liz Smith
Communications Officer
Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
01332 785778

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