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Cancer patients positive about their care at Derby Hospitals

Published 03/09/2013

2 September 2013

Cancer patients positive about their care at Derby Hospitals

Cancer patients experience of care at Derby Hospitals is improving with 89 percent of patients reporting their care was either excellent or very good in the national cancer patient experience survey published last week.

Overall the survey highlights that patient’s views are being taken into account by doctors and nurses at Derby Hospitals when discussing treatments and our specialist cancer nurses were singled out for praise, with patients saying they listened carefully to their concerns and responded to them fully.

Cathy Winfield, Chief Nurse and Director of Patient Experience said: "The results of this survey are very encouraging and I am pleased to see that so many patients had a good experience of their care at Derby Hospitals. Every patient deserves the best experience they can have of care and that is what we shall be continuing to work on for the future."

The national cancer patient experience survey reported the views of 743 patients who received treatment for cancer at Derby Hospitals between 1st September and 31st November 2012.

The survey showed improvements in many areas since last year and puts Derby's cancer services in the top 20% of hospitals in the country in many areas. It highlights patients’ very positive experience of aspects of care particularly for the way patients in Derby are involved in their care ensuring they are listened to and given good written information. In addition to this highlights included:

  • 95 percent of patients said they were always given enough privacy when being examined or treated
  • 94 percent of patients said their clinical nurse specialist definitely listened carefully to them and they got understandable answers to important questions about their care
  • 93 percent of patients were given easy to understand written information about tests
  • 91 percent of patients were given the right amount of information about their condition and treatment.
  • 90 percent of patients feeling that the hospital staff did everything to help control pain all of the time.


To build on the year on year improvements in cancer care at Derby Hospitals we will continue to listen to patient feedback from this survey and will focus on the areas that patients have told us could be further improved including choice of treatments, controlling the side effects of chemotherapy and offering patients written assessment and care plans.

Cathy added; “This is the third year this survey has taken place and with each survey we are seeing improvements in the scores which shows our commitment to listening to patient feedback and focusing our efforts on the areas which patients have told us will make a real difference to the care and experience they receive."


For further information about this press release, please contact:

Beth Maher, Assistant Director Communications
Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

01332 785778

Last Modified 03/09/2013