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Development of Private Patient Services at the Royal Derby Hospital

Published 19/06/2013

Dedicated private inpatient services are being created at the Royal Derby Hospital as part of an initiative that offers the opportunity to generate income that can be re-invested into frontline NHS care.

In October 2013, Derby Hospitals will be opening a new private patient ward at the Royal Derby Hospital. The Trust has a modern new hospital, embracing several national centres of clinical excellence, offering value to our NHS patients and the intention is to provide that same unique attractiveness to private patients. 

Providing services for private patients is something the Trust has been doing for several years. This is an important opportunity that takes nothing away from the NHS and puts everything back into it.

NHS Foundation Trusts are allowed by the government to run a limited private patient service with any income generated from private patients being reinvested in NHS patient care.

There is a very clear Department of Health Code of Conduct governing private practice in NHS hospitals to protect the integrity of the NHS service. Our priority will always be NHS care and private patient work will be undertaken on a much smaller scale.

In the past, our private patients have been cared for on wards together with NHS patients. This has always been challenging and it has been difficult at times to manage the expectations of both private and NHS patients.

This exciting new development will benefit both NHS and private patients. NHS patients can be reassured that developing our private patient services won’t affect the care they receive as all private patient work is undertaken by consultants completely separately to their NHS work. Many consultants will bring the private work they already do to the Royal Derby Hospital, instead of carrying it out in other private sector settings, meaning there is no impact on NHS care at all. This will mean that specialists will be more easily accessible for all their patients (NHS and private) in the event of an emergency. The new dedicated private patient area will provide quality accommodation with first class clinical care.

Derby Hospitals’ ability to provide the widest possible range of general and specialist healthcare services, coupled with onsite support services such as critical care, is a unique blend which we believe other private healthcare providers will find hard to beat.

The dedicated ward, with separate nursing and medical staff, will be open to any private patients who may wish to use its superb range of services and state-of-the-art facilities. Unlike other local private hospitals, at the Royal Derby Hospital patients can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that everything they could possibly need as an in-patient is available on the same site.

Derby’s private patient service will provide a comprehensive range of surgical, medical and diagnostic procedures at the Royal Derby Hospital, including cataract removal and hip and knee replacements, which may have limited availability on the NHS, as well as services such as cosmetic surgery which are not available on the NHS.

Lee Outhwaite, Director of Finance and Information for Derby Hospitals, said: “Our reason for developing private patient services at Derby Hospitals is clear. We believe this service will contribute to the improvement of both local NHS and private healthcare services. Local people will have a better choice of private healthcare options, with the new private patient initiative at the Royal Derby Hospital offering the best quality care in a safe, modern environment with critical care support on hand. This new scheme will also ensure that the NHS stays ahead of the game in the provision of local NHS services as we reinvest private patient income into new technology and services for NHS patients.”


For further information, please contact:

Liz Smith

Communications Officer

Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

01332 785778


Last Modified 19/06/2013