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Appeal for help to make chair caddies for dementia patients

Published 12/01/2017

The Trust Dementia team are collecting chair caddies which can be used by patients who spend a lot of time sitting in chairs while they are in hospital – and they are looking for help to produce them. The simple double-pocket pattern can  be made using any durable fabric. The pockets can be filled with items which can stimulate patients, such as fabrics, old photographs or personal items.

Sue Abdulla, Lead Dementia Nurse, said: “Spending time in hospital can be frightening for patients with dementia, and it can help if they have items to fiddle with, as it provides a distraction. These caddies could be stocked with items for this purpose, creating stimulation for patients who sit for long periods of time. This can in turn provide comfort for these patients.”

The caddies can be created by following the pattern below, and once complete, can be sent to The Lead Dementia Nurse at the Royal Derby Hospital. 


2 pieces of base fabric 73”x14” 

2 pieces of contrasting fabric 19”x14” for pockets

•Fold each piece of pocket fabric in half. Press fold, turn over ½”, and top stitch across to strengthen pocket edges.

•Tack a pocket to each end of one of the larger pieces of fabric so that it resembles an oven glove.

•Mark a line in the centre of each pocket and sew a central seam dividing each pocket in half vertically.

•With right sides together pin the two large pieces of fabric and sew together around the outside of the caddy, with a half inch seam allowance, leaving a gap along the bottom of one pocket to enable the whole thing to be turned right way out.

•Trim corners, and seams if necessary, and turn right way out.

•Press raw edges of gap inwards, and top stitch all the way round the outside edge for added strength.

•Press the finished caddy and sew a button at the top of the central seam of each pocket, if required, for extra strength.

•Single caddy is made in exactly the same way but only has one pocket. The base fabric is 36”x14”, half as big as the double ended caddy.

chair caddy
Last Modified 12/01/2017