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Sunflower Ward website plants the seeds for better Children’s Hospital experience

Published 03/08/2015

A new website section launched for children awaiting surgery at Derbyshire Children’s Hospital will help to make the process of coming into hospital easier for youngsters and their families. 

The site is designed for families who are coming into the Sunflower Ward, based at the Royal Derby Hospital, for procedures including eye surgery, ear nose and throat surgery and dental surgery. It aims to provide information ahead of the procedure to allay any fears or concerns which families might have. 

They will be directed to the site - part of the main Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust website - ahead of any pre-assessment visit, so they will be armed with information when they head to the ward for the first time. 

Staff Nurse Rob Bradley, who designed the site with the hospital’s IT team, said: “It will help so many families who are coming here, as it will give them information about things they may not have thought of. 

“It’s important people know about it, as it’s a great resource. I’m really pleased with this new tool for families.”

Information on the site, which is set out to look like a sunflower, includes frequently asked questions, details about the different procedures which take place there, and contact details if people have any questions. There are also photographs, which allow children to get an idea of what the ward looks like. 

The idea for the site came after Rob had been working in the Children’s Hospital for several years. After watching hundreds of families visit the ward ahead of their procedures, he realised it would be helpful if further information was provided before they come to the hospital.  

“I would show a video about the ward and ask if people had questions, but nobody did. I realised it was because they didn’t have all the information to form any questions. Now they can do that,” Rob added. 

The website can also be used by families who are not required to have a pre-assessment visit. 

It is thought that around 60 families a week could benefit from the website, which has now been up and running for just over a week.  

The Sunflower Ward caters for children from birth until the age of 16. 

It is available on desktop computer, mobile and tablet, and is accessible through this website by visiting https://www.derbyhospitals.nhs.uk/about/depts/childrens-services/sunflower-ward/ 

Last Modified 05/08/2015