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Party celebrations for children treated with clubfoot

Published 18/04/2013

The Children’s Hospital are holding their annual clubfoot party on Saturday 20 April, from 2-4pm, in the children’s outpatients department to celebrate the work of Talipes, commonly known as clubfoot.

There will be light refreshments, a clown, face painting and tombola among the entertainment. All families, their children and friends who are being treated for clubfoot are invited to the party.

Talipes is known to affect around one in 1,000 births in the UK each year and 95 children have been treated for the condition at Derby Hospitals since the launch of its service in 2006 attracting patients from as far as Norwich, Cornwall, Nottingham, Burton, Lichfield and Stafford.

Clubfoot is a deformed ankle and foot and is present at birth. The ankle is twisted, the foot points down and inwards and the soles of the feet face each other. This happens because the tendons on the inside of the leg have shortened, the bones are abnormally shaped and the Achilles tendon (at the back of the heel) has tightened. Clubfoot occurs more often in boys than girls, and is one of the most common abnormalities at birth.

The service at the Royal Derby Hospital is a one-stop shop which offers orthotic, physiotherapy, hip screening and orthopaedic input, as well as having care assistants, play specialists and nurses, all under the leadership of orthopaedic consultant surgeon, Mr Rohan Rajan. 

Mr Rajan introduced the Ponseti method for treating clubfoot to Derby Hospitals. This involves treating the condition through manipulation, casting and re-casting, over a number of weeks, without invasive surgery. 

At Derby Hospitals, it’s possible to provide a diagnosis of clubfoot before birth using ultrasound scanning. Parents are then seen by Mr Rajan to discuss future treatment. Derby is believed to be the only centre in the UK to offer this antenatal clubfoot service.

Mr Rohan Rajan said: “Our annual clubfoot party is growing each year and last year we had more than 200 guests. I feel it’s very important for the families of children with clubfeet to meet one another to discuss the treatment and celebrate the success with their family and friends, as well as with the specialist dedicated staff.

"Here at Derby Hospitals we have the first and only antenatal clubfoot service where an orthopaedic specialist sees the parents following an antenatal diagnosis of clubfoot to prepare them for the journey ahead.

“The Ponseti treatment for clubfoot has revolutionised its treatment and reduced drastically the need for operative intervention.”

If you would like to join in the fun, talk to parents and children as well as members of staff who work tirelessly to ensure the children’s visits to hospital are as pleasurable as possible,  please contact Liz Smith on 01332 785778 or email liz.smith21@nhs.net.


For further information, please contact:

Liz Smith

Communications Officer

Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust 

Email: liz.smith21@nhs.net   

Tel: 01332 785778

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