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Urdu translation of transplant film to inspire new donors

Published 03/10/2014

The inspiring story of a young organ donor has been translated to encourage a new generation of people to sign up as donors.

A film which tells the story of Simon Docker, a nine-year-old who donated his organs following his death from a road accident in 1994, has been translated into Urdu to inspire members of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities in Derby, to sign the organ donation register.

The film is narrated by Simon’s mother, Liz, and the translated version was screened at a community event, held in Peartree, Derby.

The event was organised by members of the Derby BAME Community Link Organ Donation project, which was set up by Derby Hospitals’ Organ Donation Committee.


The Mayor of Derby, councillor Shiraz Khan, opened the event, which also featured talks by consultants and community volunteers.

Kirit Mistry, Derby Hospitals’ community link worker for organ donation, said: "We have put this event together to engage with a wide range of communities in Derby about the importance of organ donation. We are also keen to do what we can to address different religious viewpoints on organ donation and transplantation."

Last Modified 03/10/2014