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Innovative hospital and GP partnership recognised in award ceremony

Published 12/09/2014

The creation of new teams which unite patient care throughout the community has been honoured at Derby Hospitals’ annual awards.

Community Support Teams include staff from Derby Hospitals, Southern Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group, local authority carers, voluntary organisations, friends, family and neighbours to create a consistent, well-connected package of care for patients.

The teams are overseen by newly-created Care Coordinators, who pull people together across the community, defining the best way forward to keep the patient safe and well at home.

Since its creation, the project has led to reduced hospital admissions, better quality of life for people with long-term conditions – in particularly elderly people - and faster, better-supported recovery for people with ill-health or injury.

Last night (September 11) the Community Support Team project was one of the big winners at Derby Hospitals’ annual Celebrating Success awards, which took place at Derby College Roundhouse.

The ceremony was held alongside the Trust’s Annual Members’ Meeting and aims to recognise those projects and individuals which have made the biggest difference during the last year.

The awards were split into five categories:

Putting Patients First

Right First Time

Investing our Resources Wisely

Developing our People

Ensuring Value from Partnerships

There were also two additional categories; ‘Team of the Year’ and ‘Employee of the Year’ which were awarded by Trust chairman, John Rivers and chief executive, Sue James.

In addition, for helping to turn around the performance of the Trust’s A&E department, leading to it consistently hitting its waiting time target, the Emergency Department, Frail and Elderly Assessment Team and Operations Team were all jointly awarded a Special Chief Executive’s Award.

Winners of each category received a certificate, a trophy and a personal thank you from the Trust chairman, John Rivers and chief executive, Sue James.

Sue James, chief executive at Derby Hospitals, said: “I am proud to say that in Derby we have a dedicated group of staff who do truly take pride in caring. I am delighted to be involved in these awards as they go a long way to recognising this and officially acknowledging and thanking our dedicated staff.”


Chairman’s Team of the Year

The Learning and Education Team

The Learning and Education team has delivered new and innovative initiatives, leading Trust-wide strategies for both cultural change and clinical outcomes. In 2014, they delivered many new enterprises, including ‘Training Passport’, ‘Our Learning Hub’, Leadership and coaching development programmes, and many more. Their work with Derby College recently won them the High Peak Employer of the Year award.


Employee of the Year

Ken Davidson, Domestic

Ken always goes beyond the call of duty when caring for patients. An elderly couple needed to move to a different building in very difficult weather which was unsuitable for a wheelchair. Ken immediately offered to take them in his own car, showing the utmost care and compassion.


Special Chief Executive’s Award

Emergency Department

Frail and Elderly Assessment Team

Operations Team

The Emergency Department has played a major role in the turnaround of the A&E target, addressed staff issues and has seen a significant reduction in sickness and absence. The FEAT Team successfully ensures local health services are always on hand for frail elderly people putting their safety, care and experience at the forefront of the service we provide. They work closely with social services, nursing homes and mental health services throughout the community to ensure patients move effectively though the system, being discharged appropriately and with care. The team’s impressive impact on patient experience and bed utilisation and the collaborative work with staff has improved the pathway for patients. And the newly-created Operations Team has refined pathways for patients to other care environments, vastly reducing the number of patients who don’t need acute care who are in an acute care bed. The Operations Team demonstrated big reductions on delayed discharges, which was key to maintaining patient flow through the system.


Putting Patients First

Use of Skype Technology in Renal

The home haemodialysis population in Derby continues to increase with 38% of our prevalent population dialysing at home. The Renal Department has created a cost neutral, innovative solution to maintaining support, while patients are at home. Implementing SKYPE offers help and advice, enabling patients and staff to communicate through visual and voice interaction giving patient their confidence back. It has enabled continued face to face support and reassurance, providing essential, flexible, responsive and real-time communication. Patients have found this means of communication overwhelmingly supportive.


Right First Time

Enhanced Discharge

The Enhanced Discharge team was created to increase patients’ chances of staying at home for longer, providing extra support and education to patients who were at high risk of readmission. Readmissions cost the local NHS £4.4 million yearly, many of which could be prevented. This project allows those who are at risk time to understand and plan for home through supportive coaching, helping them create their own solutions to their health needs.


Investing our Resources Wisely

Rotating Theatres

By remodelling its inflexible traditional theatre and introducing Rotating theatres, the Hand surgery theatres have allowed for maximum efficiency of surgical processes. The team has had a slight increase to staff, advance preparation to reduce down-time and smaller gaps between operations, as well as significant improvements in throughput. Ultimately, it has enhanced patient satisfaction and planned operations and emergency work has been completed in office hours.


Developing our People

Derby Hospitals’ Training Passport App

The Training Passport App is an innovative solution built by the Trust for the Trust. The team has been successful in developing an easy access tool for all staff - providing clarity on Mandatory training requirements, refresher information and real-time compliance status. Staff are now proactively managing their training and development needs, allowing them to be engaged and more empowered to manage their own training and providing knowledge and skills to deliver safe, quality care and provide assurance to patients and the public.


Ensuring Value from Partnerships

Community Support Teams

This exceptional team delivers support for adults with complex care needs.
They have built a ‘holistic care society’ with individual patients, their family and neighbourhoods taking collective responsibility, and bring together multiple professionals across agencies to create individualised care.
The benefits of this service have meant there have been reduced admissions to hospital, better quality of life for people with long-term conditions and have helped people recover from episodes of ill health or injury, with follow-ups and support. 

Last Modified 12/09/2014