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Cancer patients praise "angel from heaven"

Published 25/04/2014

Cancer patients at the Royal Derby Hospital have praised a caring staff member, calling her an "angel from heaven".

Lisa Freeman has won the admiration of people battling different forms of the disease for her work as the information and support facilitator at the Macmillan Information Centre

Lisa, who is the only paid member of staff, works to support everyone who walks through the door. Last year, she helped 4,000 people.

One of the patients Lisa helps is Lesley Boyd. Lesley, 60, is disabled and has just had her fourth operation to remove a rare tumour from behind her nose.

She said: "Lisa is the most amazing person ever. She has become my friend and, to be honest, I don't know what I'd do without her.

"When I was first diagnosed with cancer, I went to the information centre at the hospital and I sobbed on Lisa's shoulder. For an hour I don't think she got one single word out of me.

"I was so shocked I just didn't know where to turn. Once I'd gathered myself, I talked and she listened. She was wonderful. She helped me with so much. She gave me advice about my finances and she told me more about the cancer I had.

"Over the years, I have become to rely on her very much. The centre is just fantastic and Lisa is the most caring and supportive person. I don't know what I'd have done without the centre."

Another patient, Letitia Green has also been helped by Lisa. Letitia was first diagnosed with cancer in 2007, when doctors revealed she had it in her breast.

She said: "She is so understanding. Even when you are in tears, she seems to know how to help and what to say.

"She's my angel from heaven. I can't tell you what she does for people."

Lisa said she was overwhelmed by the comments from patients. She said she loved her job and wants to help people face the devastating news that they have cancer.

"I want to help patients and their families and friends," she said. "I can't take away the worry that they have cancer, but I can try to support them in other ways.

"If they have financial worries or want questions answered about their treatment, I can try to do it."

Last Modified 25/04/2014