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Parkinson's sufferer Christine "cured" by pop music

Published 24/04/2014

A woman being treated for Parkinson's at Derby Hospitals believes she may have found a miracle cure for her condition - pop music.

Christine Reeve has had the disease for eight years and it often leaves her feeling unwell, confused and struggling to move about the house. She has difficulty walking and finds multi-tasking almost impossible.

But all this changes when she puts music on her iPod. When listening to marching tunes and tracks like Mud's Tiger Feet, the 73-year-old said she can walk and talk normally and even dance and sing with ease.

Now staff at the London Road Community Hospital's Specialist Assessment and Rehabilitation Centre - where Christine is being treated - have applied for funding to carry out research into the link between the condition and music.

Physiotherapist Fiona Lindop, who has worked closely with Christine, said: "It just started with Christine saying one time that she fancied a jig. We found her an iPod out of curiosity and she put it on.

"It was really miraculous to see. All of Christine's anxiety seemed to disappear with the music. It was almost like the music freed up Christine's mind and took the effort away she normally faces when walking or talking."

Fiona and the LRCH's Parkinson's team are now waiting to hear the results of their funding bid to try and find out more about the link.

Last Modified 24/04/2014