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Green overhaul for London Road Community Hospital

Published 27/03/2014

Derby Hospitals is shrinking its carbon footprint by using new, eco-friendly energy systems at the London Road Community Hospital.

The existing boilers at the site were designed and installed in the early 1980’s to provide heat and hot water for the whole of the former Derbyshire Royal Infirmary which, at the time was expanding.

These boilers were originally coal fired and at the time of installation were seen as very efficient. The boilers are now far too big and too old to offer any real efficiency when compared to modern equipment.

As such, the Trust is replacing those old boilers with modern gas equivalents, which will be installed in the level 4 plantroom, making the main boilerhouse and chimney redundant and ready for demolition.

In addition, a large solar panel array will be fitted across the full length of the south elevation of the building to produce electricity for the current London Road Community Hospital, which provides a range of rehabilitation and community services.

Alongside this, new ground source heat pumps will be installed which will make use of a series of boreholes that are being bored in the boilerhouse car park up to 200m deep.

Ground source heating uses the heat naturally absorbed into the earth from the sun. By sinking pipework loops into the ground, those stored temperatures of between 4C and 12C. Water is pumped in pipework deep in to the boreholes and then passed through the heat pumps which convert that heat in to useful temperatures that  can be used throughout the hospital for hot water and space heating.

The announcement of these measures comes ahead of NHS Sustainability Day, which takes place on March 27 and which celebrates the work done by staff within trusts, hospitals and healthcare organisations across England to embed sustainable practices in everyday working lives.

Derrick Conway, assistant estates director for the NHS Derby Hospitals Foundation Trust, said: “We are committed to driving down our carbon emissions and making sure Derby hospitals are as sustainable and friendly to the environment as possible.”

Last Modified 27/03/2014