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Consultant Metabolic Physicians 

Richard Donnelly is Professor in Medicine in the University of Nottingham, and Consultant Physician with an interest in Metabolic and Vascular Medicine.  He is also Divisional Medical Director (Medicine and Cancer), and has responsibilities within the clinical governance framework of the trust.

David Hughes

Dr David Hughes is a Consultant in Diabetes, Endocrinology & Bariatric
Medicine at Royal Derby Hospital. He undertook his training in the West
Midlands and research at the University of Birmingham. His clinical
research interests include the role of gut hormones in diabetes and
understanding the impact of diabetes as a chronic disease. He is a member of the
British Endocrine Society, DiabetesUK and a lifetime member of the
European Society of Endocrinology. He joined the team at Royal Derby
Hospital in 2014.

Dr. Iskandar Idris is an Associate Professor in Diabetes and Vascular Medicine at the University of Nottingham and Honorary Consultant Physician at the Royal Derby Hospital. Originally a Nottingham University graduate he undertook his general medical training in Birmingham and completed his specialist training in 2004 within the Mid-Trent postgraduate deanery in Diabetes, Endocrinology and General Medicine. He was a lecturer at the Division of Vascular Medicine, University of Nottingham from 2000-2002, where he undertook a research on ‘Experimental Pharmacology of Endothelial Permeability and Insulin Resistance’ leading to a Doctor of Medicine degree.

Dr Idris is currently the Training Programme Director for Specialist Training in Diabetes and Endocrinology at the East Midlands postgraduate deanery and a member of the Association of Physician Specialising in Obesity UK (APSO-UK). He has ongoing academic and research interests in the field of obesity and vascular complications of diabetes and novel strategies for managing hyperglycaemia and vascular risks in patients with diabetes. Within the University of Nottingham, he has strong research links with the Division of Vascular Medicine and the MRC arthritis UK for musculoskeletal research and ageing. He is also a member of the Independent Scientific Advisory Committee for MHRA CPRD database research. He has published widely in the field of diabetes, pharmacology and vascular complications.