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Physiotherapy outpatients LRCH


Level 3, London Road Community Hospital
The outpatient physiotherapy department is located on the London Road Community Hospital site in the main hospital building.  Please enter by the main entrance and go up one floor either by the stairs or the elevator in the foyer.

Disabled access
If you have a disabled parking badge there are allocated spaces immediately outside the building. Disabled access by car is off London Road.


Physiotherapists working in outpatients are trained to assess and treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. They are experts in anatomy and rehabilitation and will use their skills to help people to get back to fitness.

People are referred to physiotherapy by their GP, consultants, other professionals and some occupational health professions for an expert opinion of their musculoskeletal problem.

 These may include:

  • back and neck pain

  • work-related problems

  • sports injuries

  • degenerative problems such as arthritis

Initial assessments last approximately 40 minutes. During this time the physiotherapist will ask questions about the problem, how it is affecting work, mobility and lifestyle and will want to know about other health conditions that may affect the problem. After this there will be an examination of the area of the body that is causing concern. This will mean that the area will need to be visible and the physiotherapist may ask that shorts are worn or that some clothes are removed so that the problem area can be examined. The physiotherapist will explain examination findings and will discuss treatment options.

Follow up appointments will last 20 minutes. The physiotherapist will often prescribe exercises to do at home and offer advice about posture, lifting, work environments and mobility. There are a number of additional treatment options that may be appropriate to help with the problem.


  • hydrotherapy

  • manual therapy

  • exercises – individual or group

  • acupuncture (on a private pay basis)

  • electrotherapy

  • advice & education

  • self-help strategies

  • walking aid assessment and provision

  • core stability training


    Services specific to the London Road Community Hospital:


  • nerve stimulation for facial palsy

  • therapeutic massage

  • tai chi class

  • gymball class

  • 'Back to basics’ and 'Back to fitness' groups

  • Spinal Specialist Physiotherapist  - Rachael Farley

  • Shoulder & Elbow Specialist Physiotherapist - Marcus Bateman

  • elbow CPM (continuous passive motion) machine

Physiotherapists can also recommend referral to other professionals or suggest which tests would be appropriate to help with diagnosis.

The LRCH physiotherapy department has contracts with Derbyshire Fire Service, Derbyshire Constabulary and Derby Homes.  There is also an acute service for employees of Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. 

Attendance policy:

We strive to make our service as efficient as possible but if people fail to attend their appointments it considerably affects our waiting list.  We therefore ask patients to give as much advanced notice as possible if cancelling appointments.  If an appointment is missed and no effort is made to contact the department the patient will be discharged.

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