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Osteoarthritis of the Knee

The osteoarthritis education group is based at London Road Community Hospital and is designed to provide information and advice on effectively managing the condition. 

The group is led by an experienced Occupational Therapist who will support patients through a 6 week programme. Currently the course is only available for patients who have been assessed by a physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist. 

The service is currently looking into how we might soon be able to accept referrals directly from GP’s and other health care professionals

The course will offer:

  • A group-based approach which allows patients to meet likeminded people 
  • The support of an experienced Occupational Therapist 
  • A programme of exercise which is suited to the patients’ ability. The exercise programme aims to dispel any myths around exercise and OA, as well as introduce patients to the most appropriate exercises
  • Exploration of lifestyle changes to help manage the pain associated with the condition and maximise engagement in activities of daily living
  • Use of the therapy gym equipment 
  • If you are a patient and feel that the group would benefit you, then please speak to your GP
  • If you are a GP, please refer through to physiotherapy for an initial assessment


Follow the link for further information on course content 

OA Education Group Information (Appendix)