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Quality Improvement

Our maternity services have 3 initiatives which have recently been implemented. You can find out more below.

Mum with Baby

1.Newborn Thermal Care Safety Bundle

This was introduced at RDH in December 2016 based on a risk assessment tool the Royal Surrey Hospital introduced in 2015 as part of their innovation in practice to reduce unnecessary admissions to their Neonatal Unit. 

It was recognised at Derby that babies were being admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) due to low temperatures which may result in low blood glucose levels and can cause a baby’s condition to deteriorate. 

Following a risk assessment at birth all babies have either a red, yellow or green hat to wear. Since initiation of this pathway there have been no babies admitted to NICU solely based on a low temperature.

2.Information for women relating to changes in fetal movements

In April 2017 maternity services began providing all pregnant women with a MAMA academy wallet at their pregnancy booking visit. It is a colourful plastic wallet covered in key pregnancy wellbeing messages and information and in particular highlights the need to contact a midwife/health professional if the woman experiences any changes in her baby’s movements.

the Maternity Service has received feedback from women and midwives who have positively evaluated the wallets. They find the information very useful in prompting conversations around pregnancy issues and concerns

If you you want to find out more information around your baby's movement in pregnancy you can click HERE.

3.Overnight support on the maternity ward

From summer 2017 the maternity ward (314) has offered women who have had their baby the option of having a person of their choice to stay overnight to provide support. 

Comfortable recliner chairs are provided at the bedside. 

Positive feedback has been received from women as they feel that just having the choice is beneficial to their postnatal recovery.