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Derby Birth Centre

DBC Entrance


Derby Birth Centre is the newly open midwife-led centre that consists of four en-suite rooms and a water birth room. It offers a ‘home from home’ experience, for patients who wish to have the comforts of a home birth with the added reassurance of being in a hospital.

All rooms have sensory lighting, calming music and soft furnishings, complete with swinging crib ready for the new arrival! The homely environment allows you to relax in peace with your baby.



Derby Birth Centre, Level 1, Royal Derby Hospital.

Best car park for patients: Car 6

Best entrance(s) for patients: Entrance 21



  • 4 rooms, including 1 birthing pool

  • Home furnishings

  • Specialist equipment; beans bags, mattresses, birthing balls

  • Aromatherapy

  • Sensory rooms


Other Information

If you or a family member are pregnant and may be interested in finding out more please ask your community midwife for more information.

DBC room
DBC birthing chair