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Maternity and gynaecology, Royal Derby Hospital
(best entrances - entrances 20 & 21)


Having a baby is a very exciting time for a woman and her family and we hope our maternity services can help support and guide you through the coming months

The maternity services include midwifery & obstetric care. We support women and their families through the pregnancy, labour, birth and postnatal period between 10-28 days postnatally.

Community midwives are community based at GP surgeries/clinics & Childrens centres.

Most women will have a healthy pregnancy and normal birth, your care will be managed by the Midwifery Led Service, you will have your appointments at your local clinic or surgery, tests can be undertaken there also. You will only need to travel to the hospital for your scans.

We can offer home birth or hospital birth

If you have your baby at home the midwife will advise you of what you need to prepare and there is always a midwife from your team on-call 24hrs a day so you can let her know when you are going into labour,  and she will then stay with you for the birth.

Useful link - Home Birth Derby Group: Peer group for women and their families who are planning a home birth/have had a home birth or just want to find out more http://homebirthderby.weebly.com/

If you choose a hospital birth there are areas of the labour ward that may be suitable for you if all is well with you and your baby, this includes the pool room, additional equipment to allow you to adopt different positions to suit your needs, birthing balls etc and ipod docking stations so you can bring in your own music and if you have other requests you can talk to the midwife in advance.

If you need to transfer to consultant care because of a problem with you or the baby the midwife will arrange this.

We have 11 Consultants specialising in maternity care working with midwives.

Other specialist midwives include – mental health; drug & alcohol; diabetes; ultrasound scanning; counselling

There is an obstetric ultrasound department within the antenatal clinic and can offer photographs of your scan

We are situated near to obstetric theatres and to the neonatal unit in the event you or your baby needs any additional support

We liaise closely with other services such as smoking cessation support, social services,

We have BFI accreditation: Our Maternity Service is the only service in the UK to have maintained UNICEF WHO Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative consistently since 1998, which demonstrates us as giving a high level of support in infant feeding and achieving high breast feeding rates.

We also offer the baby hearing test service for your baby before you go home


Here at the Royal Derby Hospital, we are studying the pathways involved in normal pregnancy and labour as well as why preterm birth occurs too early.  You may be approached by a member of the research team for your participation in the research and who will explain the study to you.  Written informed consent will be required should you agree to take part.