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Physiotherapy information

Hospital Physiotherapists will be usually involved with your child’s care after the operation has been done. This may be just on the ward or your child may need to attend as an out-patient at the Children’s Hospital

How much physiotherapy your child has will depend on the type of surgery, and where on their body is affected.

Physiotherapists may teach your child to walk using either walking frames or crutches. Sometimes the doctors may ask us to teach walking without walking aids.

Your child may have to keep their weight off one leg for a number of weeks, in which case they will be shown how to get about safely including advice for going up and down stairs. Occasionally this decision is not made until they are in theatre

If your child already has physiotherapy at home or at school, the hospital physiotherapist will liaise with the community physiotherapist about any treatment your child has had while they are in hospital.

If your child needs to be seen as an outpatient by the hospital physiotherapists an appointment will be arranged with you before they leave hospital,