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Dental patients/surgery

Is your child attending for dental treatment under general anaesthetic with the community dental service? Here is some information you may find useful:
  • Make sure you have transport to and from the hospital – public transport is not allowed.
  • There are many car parks on site. The nearest is Car Park 6. All car parks have a charge.
  • Check whether you require an interpreter and whether this has been arranged.
  • Can you consent for your child? If unsure, please contact us.
  • Is your child starved? Click HERE for starving instructions
  • Please make sure they take any regular medicines as normal unless specifically instructed otherwise.
  • Please dress them in comfy clothes (no denim) or be prepared for them to change into a loose gown for theatre. 
Main Entrance
Main entrance of the Royal Derby Hospital
Sunflower Ward Entrance
Sunflower entrance
Press the doorbell and speak to receptionist to say who you are
Entrance Walkway
Walkthrough slide show
  • A hospital nurse/dental nurse will fill in the admission forms to the ward.
  • The nurse will take some observations (height, weight, pulse and blood pressure).
  • A dentist will come and check that you understand the treatment to be undertaken.
  • An anaesthetist (sleepy doctor) will check that your child is fit for surgery. 
  • There will be lots of other children there. Some will be on the same list but some will be there for other operations too. Everyone arrives at the same time at 7:45.
  • Treatment is started once all children have been assessed and the theatre is ready. This is usually by about 9:15.
  • Treatment is usually carried out in age order unless there are medical reasons why somebody may need to go in a different order.
  • This means that you may have to wait most of the morning before it is your child’s turn.
    • Once your child is having their treatment done, you have an opportunity to get something to eat/drink. No food or drink is allowed on the ward.
    • There are lots of things to keep your child occupied there, but if there is anything you would like to bring to do (even homework!) then please do so.
  • Treatment is normally finished by 12:30 and the last patient is normally on their way home by 14:30. 
  • Some discomfort is normal after surgery. This usually only lasts a couple of days and is easily managed with pain relief. Please follow the instructions given out to you at the hospital.
  • If any extractions were performed, sockets may bleed a little, but a dentist will come to check this is stable before you are allowed to go home. Instructions for further bleeding are given out in the pack you take home.
  • A copy of the discharge summary will be sent to your GP/school nurse.
  • A copy of the dental treatment will be sent to your regular dentist (if you have one).
  • If you are worried about anything then please contact one of our clinics, or if out of hours, contact the ward and they will be able to help.
  • A copy of the instructions can be found here
  • Our contact details are:


Mill Hill Dental Clinic, 2 Mill Hill Lane

Derby DE23 6SF

01332 364 540